O.T. (GEFALTETE TREPPE) installation view
O.T. (GEFALTETE TREPPE) installation view
INITIAL installation view
INITIAL performance view
INITIAL performance view
INITIAL performance view
INITIAL detail
INITIAL detail
INITIAL installation view

Conception and implementation of an art education project for ‘Der Fahrende Raum’, Munich. ‘Der Fahrende Raum’ changes its location every summer and was situated in Neuperlach (East Munich) in 2022. Children could drop in during the opening hours and take part in projects and activities that investigated different notions of exchange. For example, they exchanged objects, ideas, words, images, jokes or wishes. The group developed a stage show and other performative actions that examined the reciprocal and performative nature of exchange practices and the role of objects in them.

Photos: Sophia Köhler, Annabell Lachner

Performacne costume for ‘Während die Welt dreht’ by Judith Neunhäuserer

Sweat fabric, wool felt, padding

The costume references and juxtaposes different notions and types of uniforms: the classical monastic cowl of the Carthusian order is subverted with costume elements from a western sci-fi pop culture. Under the cowl, the performer wears black jeans and a t-shirt – a contemporary, western uniform that Carthusian monks themselves often wear under their cowls in everyday life. The latter becomes visible repeatedly as the performer moves through the space.

Photos: Judith Neunhäuserer

Recycling paper rolls, threaded rods, offset plates, ceramic rods, nylon ripstop, rubber cords, metal eyelets, webbing, A4 brochure
7m x 7m

A variable structure of points and connecting lines defined in the exhibition space is repeatedly activated by a performer. The performer operates with selected materials and moves in predefined sequences of action. A constellation of materials gets built that refers to the actions performed. Due to the variable form of the structure, new iterations emerge with each activation and the space is redefined each time. The actions were developed based on the physical conditions of the materials and are borrowed from everyday activities such as carrying, pushing and turning. Through them, the relationship between physical material and the body in motion becomes visible.

Performance durations: 10-20 minutes each
Performer: Annabell Lachner

Photos: Matthias Zausinger, Annabell Lachner

Nylon taffeta, wool bouclé, zips, elastic cord

During a foray into public space, where a group of visitors were invited to explore the site of a motorway interchange in the north of Munich, one of the participants was dressed in a coat designed to reference various structural, architectural and environmental features of the site. As the group walks through the space, the coat moves with the performer wearing it, becoming a protagonist in its own right and a commentator on the situation.

Performance duration: 50 minutes
Performer: Quëndresë Haliti

Photos: Thomas Splett, Annabell Lachner

Cardboard, wire, aluminium tubes
3m x 3m x 1m

Drawing on the history of the space where the exhibition takes place, the installation refers to earlier architectural features of the site. In its materiality and construction, the work connects with the space surrounding it, at times almost seeming to dissolve into it. Like a memory that varies in its sharpness, the visual impression of the work changes as one moves around it.

Photos: Annabell Lachner

Offset plates, blind rivets, steel cable
2.5m x 1.5m x 1m

A staircase that runs horizontally to the floor hangs from the ceiling on steel cables. Used aluminum offset printing plates have been folded and connected with blind rivets to form a stair format that picks up on elements of the room’s architecture. The construction is designed in such a way that further stairs could be added and the installation continued. The luminous and reflective surface of the material on the inside invites visitors to view the installation from close up. From this perspective, the folds, creases and rivets highlight the structure of the installation and its hand-made fabrication process.

Photos: Beowulf Tomek

Nylon ripstop, recycled paper, offset plates, varnish, PVC film, squeegee, brush, linen cloths
6m x 5m

Two performers move on a working field and carry out printing processes: stencils are carried and placed, paint is poured and spread. The actions performed are borrowed from the field of manual labour and are carried out with precision and efficiency. Nevertheless, the performers lose control of the materials at times, making relationships between bodily actions and material qualities visible. After the performances, the work space remains as an installation within the exhibition.

Performance duration: 20 minutes each
Performer: Roland Gaisser, Felix Spross

Photos: Thomas Splett, Annabell Lachner

Car glass, concrete blocks, computers, webcams, beamers, digital prints, foils, cardboard, pens, linoleum ink, body paint, polyester cords, overalls
6m x 3m

Two performers sitting opposite each other place and sort images and symbols in a fixed order, in synchrony. From time to time this rule is broken, resulting in shifts in temporality. In these moments the relationship between the performer comes into focus, new combinations of images, symbols and signs appear, and new contexts of meaning can emerge.

In collaboration with Lilian Robl

Performance duration: 40 minutes
Performer: Lilian Robl, Annabell Lachner

Photos: Thomas Splett

Digital print, paper roll, steel tube, polystyrene sheet, ink, MDF boards
2.5m x 1.5m

G.M. stands for memory and model. Translation processes carried out in different media and materials examine and comment on connections and feedback between mental and physical activities.

Photos: Annabell Lachner

Annabell Lachner is a visual artist based in Munich. In her work she explores relationships between the acting body and its spatial, material and social environment. She develops performative settings and spatial structures within which formed techniques of the body are questioned and made visible through the use of a variety of objects and materials. She works in various artistic and educational fields, often in collaboration with other artists. In 2021 she co-founded Lachner Alas Keil, a company that develops and implements art concepts for commercial and private clients.


[ 2015–2021 ] Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Sociology, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich
[ 2011–2020 ] Sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts Munich in class of Olaf Nicolai and class of Stephan Huber
[ 2008–2011 ] Wood Sculpting at Schulen für Holz und Gestaltung, Garmisch Partenkirchen


[ 2022 ] Scholarship for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities for Women in Academic Research and Education from the State of Bavaria
[ 2021 ] Scholarship Junge Kunst und Neue Wege from the State of Bavaria
[ 2019 ] Project funding Akademieverein e.V. Munich for the group project Die Kreuzung als Glücksfall
[ 2016 ] Interdisciplinary Laboratory Intersection of Parallel, Goethe-Institut, Munich
[ 2015 ] Artist in Residence, RIFT, London, GB (with Lilian Robl)

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